Zukunft des Lesens Klaus Hesse

The future of reading

How does the digital evolution change the reading habits and publishing processes? Does the democratization of publishing and reviewing lead into an epoch of unmanageable knowledge or forgetting? Is the end of the linear reading the end of literature? Is printed material going to be a luxury item? 


The event series approaches »The Future of Reading« from quite different angels. A six-week exhibition at the Klingspor Museum Offenbach with works from the designer Lu Jingren shows the most beautiful views on contemporary book design. Lu's books are an exciting look & feel experience. In contrast to the classic book design, a panel discussion and lectures focus substantively the future of reading media. Amongst the participants of the discussion, broadcasted by Hessian Radio (HR2) as part of an radio college, are leading representatives of the publishing industry and the fields of IT and design. The exhibition of students' work »Plakate zum Wort« takes place at the oil hall in the port of Offenbach. It provides an insight into the vital positions of the youngest design generation to this topic.